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Latest Project-Updates


(26 Feb. 2021) Back it up the way you want

Usenet Post Automation

(26 Feb. 2021) A precursor to BackUploader


(25 Feb. 2021) upgrade your CLI with beautiful spinners and progress-bars


(25 Feb. 2021) not the fastest yenc encoder, but fast enough


(25 Feb. 2021) an extendable usenet poster

Latest Blogposts

Your issue was marked as stale

(10 Sep. 2021) How I think GitHub Actions are misused to 'keep the backlog clean'

Don't call it Free Software

(20 Aug. 2021) On the issue of words

That time I set up a donation page

(20 Aug. 2021) You can now donate money if you feel like it.

Indent with tabs

(23 Jun. 2021) why is that so damn hard?!

A small experiment

(8 Jun. 2021) the story on how I started to learn DVORAK

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