Makefiles for the Makefile-Lazy Go developer

(Feb. 6, 2024) How bad Makefiles `make` your experience bad.

Welcome to email hell

(Jan. 29, 2024) How corporate makes something I enjoy into something I despise.

How to: OpenGraph previews with Hugo

(Jan. 18, 2024) How I autogenerate OpenGraph previews with Hugo and nothing else.

Your system is not stable, it's outdated

(Jan. 17, 2024) Why I think 'stability' is a terrible metric and not useful how it is applied to Linux Distros. And a small rant on what idiotic 'stable' systems I've seen in the wild.

Not financial advice

(Dec. 11, 2023) Don't hurt my feelings, or I'll pay for it.

How to get rid of your advertising revenue by advertising

(Dec. 9, 2023) What advertisers don't get about users

Managers should stay out of IT

(Aug. 11, 2023) Why business decisions are rarely good for the product

A little rant about time

(Mar. 27, 2022) why I hate DST

You should add a security.txt

(Mar. 26, 2022) Find issues with your services before they are exploited.

How to: Caddy Fileserver

(Mar. 25, 2022) How to set up a dead-simple, low-maintenance fileserver

Don't call it Free Software

(Aug. 20, 2021) On the issue of words

That time I set up a donation page

(Aug. 20, 2021) You can now donate money if you feel like it.

Indent with tabs

(Jun. 23, 2021) why is that so damn hard?!

A small experiment

(Jun. 8, 2021) the story on how I started to learn DVORAK

Be careful how you choose your tools

(Mar. 27, 2021) How to get to the correct tool for the job.

The open-source mindset

(Feb. 26, 2021) Just my two cents on what I think Open Source should look like

Interesting Links

(Feb. 11, 2021) Some interesting links I collected over time.


(Feb. 11, 2021) My computers and some other infos on the setup

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