That time I set up a donation page

created (updated in this commit)

If you wonder why, the reason is pretty simple:

I like money
I am a needy boy

The more detailed answer is that I plan on launching a rather large project that is intended to help creators of art/educational materials with distribution of their data. I will post about it here if it finally leaves the alpha stage.


I am using fosspay to achieve maximum transparency as it aggregates all platforms where I accept donations1. Namely: fosspay itself, LiberaPay, and Patreon2 3

fosspay also fit perfectly into a container, so I created one. Feel free to check the Dockerfile4


As stated above, I want to be transparent in how much I receive, which is why I use fosspay to track the amount and source of each donation.


Apparently there is a concept of “Liebhaberei” in german tax law that fits my situation perfectly. It is for not-profitdriven operations that operate at a minus and will likely continue to do so. These operations do not have to pay sales tax, but rather report all income in an income tax report.

As you may have noticed. I don’t write my programs for profit, but rather for the public’s benefit5.

Now, back to coding.

  1. at least if my server can get behind CloudFlare to query the stats from LiberaPay… but I don’t expect more than 0€ in the near future anyway :D ↩︎

  2. in order of favourability. ↩︎

  3. fosspay and LiberaPay support Stripe (credit card)
    LiberaPay also supports PayPal
    Patreon accepts credit cards and PayPal ↩︎

  4. if you see a way to improve it; please do so and send a patch ↩︎

  5. and the copyleft licensing even makes it believable :P ↩︎

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