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Yesterday, a close friend of mine, hurt my feelings by insulting a project of mine. So now, I am using this to become a better person. This is not an Isekai title, it’s a TL;DR of what lead to this post.

This lead to me to a financially unwise decision that (thanks to the tism) I will not go back on: I will be handing out money to those that don’t ask, but give anyway. I don’t have any illusions of creating a trend here, though by all means feel free to copy me, I am doing it in the hope of keeping the FLOSS-community alive and well, in the big and the small things.

Anyway. Here is a list of where this year’s donations went12. I plan on publishing this each year going forth, and I would like to especially thank my army of 1 GitHub Sponsors for letting me feel the warm fuzzies myself that I can hopefully now pass on to some more.

Who I didn’t sponsor3:

Merry Christmas or whatever you are celebrating.

  1. Not listed are FLOSS SaaS things I pay for. That’s not exactly a donation, right? ↩︎

  2. These contributions are all one-offs because my financial situation does not allow for more at this point in time. ↩︎

  3. Most of them have no obvious way to sponsor them. ↩︎

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