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Open Source and Libre Software are created by people, and people tend to operate on a rather tight time budget nowadays, so managing your time is something of paramount importance. However, due to GitHub actions something I personally feel might be dangerous sprung up and came to my attention more and more recently: Actions that do nothing but close issues or add “wontfix” labels.

So what’s the bearded man’s issue? Did he get “wontfix’d” too often? Well, yes. Quite some times; thanks for asking. My issues does not lie with my suggestions or bugs being closed. Sometimes they might just not be a good fit, it might be out of scope, or one of many other valid reasons. One of the reasons I do not consider “valid” is “some time has passed since the last activity”. Or to quote my acquaintance stalebot:

This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you for your contributions. — stalebot on gogearbox/gearbox#98

Well thanks. I feel like closing issues without further comment1 is not a great way to handle them. Giving your contributors feedback should be the bare minimum. Tell them that you don’t think that you don’t like their submission, that their bug is invalid because XYZ, that their feature request is out of scope.

  1. Now I actually use something similar on my project mirrors. The big difference here being that I have my projects live on SourceHut and everyone can still contribute to them without an account (which is part of why it’s there in the first place). So it’s not as much “ignoring issues” as it is redirecting them to the proper places. ↩︎

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