Important information regarding responsible disclosure

Please do not send details on security-relevant bugs through the public lists. Send them to ~mpldr/ instead, so they can be handled accordingly.

Since I hate to sign up for a forum or something similar just to suggest an improvement or report a bug, it would be hypocritical to demand the same of you; therefore you can simply send an email to ~mpldr/ in order to suggest something. No need for anything else. Being available for feedback gives extra bro score though.

If you want to directly contribute code, that’s awesome! I take these in the form of patches. Please send your patches to ~mpldr/ using git send-email (you can find a great tutorial here)

If you feel like it, you can Liberapay receiving, or GitHub Sponsors.
Unless stated otherwise the texts of this website are released under CC-BY and code-snippets are released into the public domain.
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