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Please prefer sending gifts and bribes with DHL, other services have had a surprising variety of issues in the past.

The email-address may be found on the homepage. To turn it into a valid email you have to reverse the text and replace the first . (dot) with the character @ (at). Using the abuse contact for general inquiries is one of the fastest ways of being blocked, so please refrain from doing that.

Alternatively you may contact me on Matrix, where I am available under the username

Liability for Contents

I take no liability for content out of the scope of this website and websites I control. If you find content that you think may infringe on your rights, please let me know and I will respond in a timely manner.

To ensure a high priority, please send your mail to instead of the regular contact address.

Contents published on this website are subject to German copyright laws. It is published under a creative commons license (CC-BY), if not stated otherwise.

Code and Code-Snippets are dedicated to the public domain, unless stated otherwise. If your legislation does not accept the public domain, apply CC-0 or the Unlicense. Take it, and have fun with it!

Copyright laws of third parties are respected as long as the contents on these websites do not originate from the provider. Contributions of third parties on this site are indicated as such. However, if you notice any violations of copyright law, please inform me. Such contents will be removed immediately.

Do you know better? Have a comment? Great! Let me know by sending an email to ~mpldr/

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Unless stated otherwise the texts of this website are released under CC-BY and code-snippets are released into the public domain.
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