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GitHub GitLab I’ve deprecated Github and Gitlab. My projects now live on SourceHut


Contact me

The easiest way to reach me is probably Matrix where I go by the handle You can also email me using the email from the homepage. (just sed -e 's/^@//' -e 's/:/@/')


My personal PGP-Key

Download Download (

Fingerprint: 190A 7434 36A7 7032 B4E1 7C9F 47DF 8FD1 598E 633F

Release signing key

Current version: v1

Download PGP-Signature

Releases are signed using BSD’s signify-tool and can be validated using the same.

# download the correct signing key for the release and it's pgp signature
$key_version=$(grep -aP 'release-key.v\' -o1 < website.tgz)
curl -O "$key_version{,.gpg}"
# verify the pgp signature. This will _always_ use my latest key
gpg --import <(curl
gpg --verify $key_version.gpg
# extract the tarball
signify -Vz -t arc -p $key_version < <project>-<version>.tgz | tar xvzf -

How are Windows programs signed?

Since they are not packed in gzip, the embedded signature doesn’t work. The signature will instead be in an extra file inside the zip-file. Not that I expect the average Windows user to even care.

Do you know better? Have a comment? Great! Let me know by sending an email to ~mpldr/

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